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Getting the Word Out On Podcasts

Walter Olson

Over the years I’ve appeared as a guest 82 times on everyone’s favorite podcast, Caleb Brown’s Cato Daily Podcast, discussing all manner of issues. (You can browse those shows here.) Today, however, I wanted to give a nod to some of the other podcast hosts who’ve had me on as a guest. Voting and election law, the Supreme Court, and big legal cases have been among the most frequent topics. Some dates and topics starting with the most recent, from three days ago:

Cato Podcast


Before 2021:

I’ve also appeared on many podcasts to discuss redistricting, gerrymandering and issues of Maryland politics, including You Don’t Have To Yell with Dan Sally, I Hate Politics with Sunil Dasgupta, Policy for the People [Rainey Center], at least three episodes of Frederick Uncut and In the Booth [Frederick News Post], A Miner Detail with Ryan Miner, Elevate Maryland with Candace Dodson Reed and Tom Coale, and Eye on Our Community [WTHU] with Kai Hagen.

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